• All You Need to Know

    Choosing the correct ownership format from the outset makes the registration process more straight forward. Whether you wish to go it alone or come together as a group there are opportunities to suit all preferences and budgets. 

    Sole Owner - Race under your own name, make all the decisions including naming your horse and selecting your colours. 

    Partnership – Two to four owners can register a partnership in a specific horse, with just one of the partners nominating their colours to be used. Costs and prize-money can be divided up between all partners.

    Syndicate - 5-20 of your friends or family come together to race under a syndicate name. Group decisions need to be made with prize-money and costs shared amongst members. One member is appointed as the syndicate agent who manages all the paperwork and is the syndicate representative.

    Club - Set up your own racing club that allows for an an unlimited number of members to be involved that reduces the costs considerably and makes the celebrations all the better. Alternatively join any number of the commercial clubs buying an annual share for a set fee.

    Company - Race under your company name, availing of the possible tax benefits and publicity. Advice should be sought from your tax advisor.

    All the registration forms can be found on the Get Registered link below.