J.J. Leckey

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
15/07/19 Downpatrick G 18f NHF 6/7 Natural Breeze 11-3 The Two N & M's INH Flat Race
12/07/19 Cork G 16f MdnHdl 18/21 Silvretta Schwarz 10-7 Clubs Fundraiser Night M'dn H'dle
06/07/19 Bellewstown G 24f HcpHdl p/15 Fiveaftermidnight 10-10 Fast Terminals H'cap H'dle
19/06/19 Wexford G 20f MdnHdl 11/15 Angelic Symphony 10-6 Loch Garman (Mares) M'dn H'dle (Div 2)
15/06/19 Downpatrick GY 23f BegCh 5/11 Fiveaftermidnight 10-12 Speckled Hen Bar & Restaurant Beg. S'ch €300
05/06/19 Wexford GY 25f HcpCh 7/9 Ilsnepasserontpas 9-11 Tuskar H'cap S'chase
05/06/19 Wexford GY 24f MdnHdl 10/13 Angelic Symphony 10-4 Slaney M'dn H'dle
13/05/19 Killarney G 22f MdnHdl 1/11 Fiveaftermidnight 10-6 Betvictor (Mares) M'dn H'dle €7,188
10/05/19 Downpatrick G 21f MdnHdl 9/9 Time For An Oscar 11-5 Roadstud Installations M'dn H'dle
10/05/19 Downpatrick G 23f HcpCh 6/10 Taboo 9-10 Randox Health Tiger Roll H'cap S'chase
27/04/19 Wexford YS 25f HcpCh p/16 Enduring Love 10-6 Eoin O'Gorman Solicitors H'cap S'chase
21/04/19 Fairyhouse GY 16f NHF u/22 Natural Breeze 10-11 Tattersalls Ireland Sales Bumper
21/04/19 Cork GY 19f MdnHdl 5/19 Fiveaftermidnight 11-0 O'Flynn Motors Mallow (Mares) M'dn H'dle €338
11/04/19 Limerick G 19f HcpCh p/8 Ilsnepasserontpas 9-10 Follow Limerick On Facebook (M)H'cp S'ch
26/03/19 Clonmel G 16f BegCh 4/13 Miss Echrad 10-12 Slievenamon Beginners S'chase €600
24/03/19 Downpatrick GY 19f HcpCh 7/9 Taboo 9-5 Tote Supporting Downpatrick Hcap S'chase
17/03/19 Limerick H 22f MdnHdl p/16 Mixed Virtue 11-6 Hospitality Packages Limerick M'dn H'dle
17/03/19 Wexford SH 20f HcpHdl p/14 Fiveaftermidnight 10-2 Micheal O'Murchadha Memorial H'cap H'dle
16/03/19 Limerick H 16f HcpHdl 8/10 Miss Echrad 10-0 Limerick On Instagram (Mares) H'cap H'dl
07/03/19 Thurles G 18f BegCh u/8 Ilsnepasserontpas 11-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF(Mares)Beg. S'ch
07/03/19 Thurles G 22f MdnHdl 7/8 Mixed Virtue 10-10 I.N.H. Stallion Owners EBF M'dn H'dle
23/02/19 Fairyhouse GY 16f NHF 5/9 Time For An Oscar 11-7 Ian Smith Memorial (Pro-Am)INH Flat Race €250
14/02/19 Clonmel GY 16f HcpHdl f/17 Definite Doyenne 9-11 Minorstown H'cap H'dle
14/02/19 Clonmel GY 20f HcpCh u/10 Taboo 9-10 Sporting Press H'cap S'chase
29/01/19 Down Royal Y 16f HcpHdl 6/14 Miss Echrad 10-3 BetVictor Best Odds (Mares) H'cap H'dle
15/01/19 Fairyhouse G 20f HcpHdl f/15 Definite Doyenne 10-4 Your Clubs Fundraiser H'cap H'dle
06/01/19 Naas GY 16f BegCh 4/6 Ilsnepasserontpas 11-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF (M) Beg. S'ch €850
01/01/19 Tramore S 21f HcpCh p/11 Taboo 9-10 Tom Carroll Memorial H'cap S'chase
29/12/18 Limerick S 19f HcpHdl 9/17 La Regle 10-4 Ryans Cleaning Specialists H'cap H'dle
28/12/18 Limerick S 22f MdnHdl u/9 Mixed Virtue 10-11 Red Mills EBF Auction M'dn H'dle

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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