John Murphy

First winner: Kilbue King 01/11/1997

Assoc. jockeys : Danny Grant, Seamie Heffernan

Did you know:  John Murphy cut his teeth in the world of show jumping rather than racing. He grew up surrounded by horses and after finishing school, he went to work with the highly-regarded show jumper Iris Kellett in Dublin before travelling to England where he came under the wing of the legendary show jumper Harvey Smith. After arriving home, he immersed himself in the show jumping scene, breeding jumpers and travelling around Europe to compete.

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
Winter All Weather 2018/2019184100€35,625€3,450€39,075
Winter All Weather 2017/2018191313€6,250€12,450€18,700
Winter All Weather 2016/2017575812€31,875€20,150€52,025
Winter All Weather 2015/2016371434€10,500€12,600€23,100
Winter All Weather 2014/2015173123€24,850€5,450€30,300
Winter All Weather 2013/2014170111€0€3,000€3,000
Winter All Weather 2012/2013160000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2011/2012151214€4,900€5,400€10,300
National Hunt 2018/201910000€0€275€275
National Hunt 2017/201860000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2016/2017151020€7,813€2,900€10,713
National Hunt 2015/2016261253€11,550€11,150€22,700
National Hunt 2014/2015141000€6,300€0€6,300
National Hunt 2013/2014332112€15,400€3,650€19,050
National Hunt 2012/2013210312€0€6,995€6,995
National Hunt 2011/2012671533€9,450€14,848€24,298
National Hunt 2010/201111174912€52,500€28,715€81,215
National Hunt 2009/2010945944€57,200€27,758€84,958
National Hunt 2008/2009168571212€37,800€53,615€91,415
National Hunt 2007/20082167111010€64,325€46,435€110,760
National Hunt 2006/20071941213811€199,550€55,780€255,330
National Hunt 2005/2006139118912€239,800€45,115€284,915
National Hunt 2004/2005122671011€51,100€46,430€97,530
National Hunt 2003/20041075489€52,850€33,860€86,710
National Hunt 2002/2003922343€40,000€19,080€59,080
National Hunt 2001/200212254810€40,082€32,355€72,437
National Hunt 2000/2001982254€14,221€11,402€25,623
Flat 2019532011€15,313€3,866€19,179
Flat 2018130118114€160,938€40,813€201,750
Flat 20171815181113€38,125€86,225€124,350
Flat 20161811161918€72,500€85,048€157,548
Flat 20152119112021€72,100€65,365€137,465
Flat 2014128311818€41,100€58,953€100,053
Flat 201319315182122€105,460€128,540€234,000
Flat 2012119751110€82,486€39,105€121,591
Flat 201115991087€102,450€47,085€149,535
Flat 201015915151311€127,575€47,630€175,205
Flat 200918119712€4,900€35,328€40,228
Flat 200816416810€5,950€42,973€48,923
Flat 20072014131311€33,250€108,665€141,915
Flat 200610554211€112,650€64,345€176,995
Flat 200510945911€50,800€59,900€110,700
Flat 2004542137€23,700€23,565€47,265
Flat 2003503361€24,500€21,425€45,925
Flat 2002240414€0€17,415€17,415
Flat 200190010€0€711€711
Flat 200020000€0€0€0
Flat 199910000€0€0€0

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Leopardstown 13/06/19 Marlborough Sounds (GB) R.C. Colgan F 1m 2f 9 9-6 81 Fitzers Catering Rated Race
Listowel 02/06/19 Sharp Focus (GB) R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 6 10-2 BetVictor Run For Your Money (C&G) M'dn
Listowel 02/06/19 Muirisc (USA) R.C. Colgan Mdn 7f 7 9-0 Croom House Stud Irish EBF (Fillies) Mdn
Gowran-Park 29/05/19 Celtic Red (USA) R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 13 9-0 Kilkenny Pembroke Hotel (Fillies) M'dn
Cork 22/05/19 Segenhoe (GB) C.T. Keane Mdn 7f 5 9-5 Matchbook Straight Seven M'dn €325
Cork 22/05/19 Sharp Focus (GB) R. Coakley Mdn 7f 11 10-2 Matchbook Straight Seven M'dn
Naas 19/05/19 Celtic Red (USA) N.G. McCullagh Mdn 1m 11 9-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF (Fillies) M'dn
Naas 19/05/19 Muirisc (USA) R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 12 9-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF (Fillies) M'dn
Leopardstown 17/05/19 High Altitude N.G. McCullagh Hcp 1m 13 9-12 68 Breast Cancer Ireland H'cap
Cork 10/05/19 Sharp Focus (GB) R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 2f 10yds 10 10-5 Coolmore Stud Irish EBF (C&G) M'dn
Cork 10/05/19 Celtic Red (USA) R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 11 9-0 Johnson & Perrott Land Rover M'dn
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Shared Ambition R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 6 9-5 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Median Auct Mdn
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Autumn Mist R.C. Colgan Mdn 1m 15 9-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF (F) M'dn
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Sensual Scent N.G. McCullagh Mdn 1m 12 9-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Median Auct Mdn
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Muirisc (USA) N.G. McCullagh Mdn 7f 12 9-0 BetVictor M'dn
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Bold Decision (GB) R. Coakley Mdn 1m 11 9-5 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Median Auct Mdn
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Segenhoe (GB) C.T. Keane Mdn 7f 3 9-5 BetVictor M'dn €1,200
Gowran-Park 08/05/19 Vita Veritas C.T. Keane Mdn 1m 9 9-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF (F) M'dn
Curragh 06/05/19 Marlborough Sounds (GB) T.P. Madden Hcp 1m 17 8-8 82 Curragh On Hallowed Ground H'cap
Curragh 06/05/19 High Altitude S.M. Mooney Hcp 7f 14 9-8 68 Curragh Training Grounds Apprentice Hcap

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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