John O. Clifford

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
National Hunt 2017/201830010€0€1,100€1,100
National Hunt 2016/201780000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2015/2016130201€0€3,795€3,795
National Hunt 2014/2015250003€0€1,350€1,350
National Hunt 2013/2014251001€4,900€500€5,400
National Hunt 2012/2013404543€45,680€21,225€66,905
National Hunt 2011/2012352054€17,500€7,675€25,175
National Hunt 2010/2011240003€0€1,900€1,900
National Hunt 2009/201080000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2008/2009412212€27,000€6,785€33,785

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Prize Money
Fairyhouse 03/12/17 Bazarov S.F. O'Keeffe NHF 2m 12 11-2 Devenish Meath GAA (Pr-Am) INH Flat Race
Punchestown 19/11/17 The Shunter S.F. O'Keeffe NHF 2m 40yds 3 10-7 Festival Ticket Offer (P-A) INH FlatRace €1,100
Tipperary 25/05/17 Hybohemia B.R. Dalton MdnHdl 2m 12 11-4 M'dn H'dle
Clonmel 21/03/17 Hybohemia B.R. Dalton MdnHdl 2m 8 11-4 Goatenbridge M'dn H'dle
Clonmel 02/02/17 Miss Mill K. Cogley Ch 2m 4f 88yds p.u. 11-0 Micro Dog ID M'dn Hunters S'chase
Clonmel 08/12/16 Official Lady P.W. O'Reilly HcpHdl 2m 4f p.u. 10-7 80 Martinstown Opportunity H'cap H'dle
Thurles 24/11/16 Official Lady J.J. Slevin HcpHdl 2m 11yds 17 10-5 80 Horse & Jockey H'cap H'dle
Gowran-Park 18/06/16 Dixie Rose E.A. Lalor NHF 2m 4f 14 11-2 Joe Bollard Mem INH Flat Race
Clonmel 19/05/16 Dixie Rose J.J. Slevin NHF 2m 110yds 9 11-0 Friday June 10th Clonmel INH Flat Race
Tipperary 12/05/16 Miss Mill J.J. Slevin NHF 2m 2f 11 11-2 (Mares) Pt-To-Pt INH Flat Race
Cork 06/05/16 Dixie Rose R. Deegan NHF 2m 21 11-2 ITBA NH Fillies EBF (M) INH Flat Race
Punchestown 29/04/16 Gunner Mcgregor K. Cogley NHF 2m 2f 7 11-7 Racing FX INH Flat Race
Cork 28/03/16 Gullivar D.L. Queally Ch 3m p.u. 11-11 Coolmore N.H. Sires M'dn Hunters S'chase
Gowran-Park 05/03/16 Gullivar D.L. Queally Ch 3m 1f 4 11-1 Tetratema Cup Hunters S'chase €450
Clonmel 04/02/16 Gullivar J.J. Codd Ch 2m 4f 2 12-0 Micro Dog ID M'dn Hunters S'chase €1,900
Thurles 14/01/16 Gullivar J.J. Codd Ch 3m 110yds p.u. 11-7 Arctic Tack Stud Hunters S'chase
Limerick 27/12/15 Gullivar J.J. Codd Ch 2m 6f 2 12-0 Earl of Harrington Mem.M'dn Hunters S'ch €1,445
Thurles 20/12/15 Backobrandon J.J. Slevin NHF 2m 17 11-4 Curaheen (Pro-Am) INH Flat Race
Punchestown 06/12/15 Sumkindasuprstar S.W. Flanagan HcpCh 2m 6f 13 10-0 116 3 For 2 Festival Tickets H'cap S'chase
Tipperary 06/10/15 Maurash C.L. Murphy BegCh 2m 7f 7 10-12 Beginners S'chase

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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