• Flat Out Exhilaration

    Every flat race meeting you attend is an invitation to feel Flat Out Exhilaration. The suspense that builds as the horses enter the stalls, the sound of thundering hooves on the turf as the field sprints in unison, the battles unfolding, the crowd roaring - there is no feeling like it. We call it Flat Out Exhilaration.

    And this sensory exhilaration goes beyond racing too. Racegoers can also enjoy a combination of entertainment, whether it be gigs, food stalls, or drinks in the sun with the buzz of the crowd around you.

    Flat racing is exciting. It is exhilarating. It is unique. It is unrivalled.

    Check out an upcoming flat race meeting near you and experience Flat Out Exhilaration!

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