Some of the all-time racing greats are former Irish champions.  From the legendary trainers of bygone days such as Vincent O’Brien, Paddy Sleator, Paddy Prendergast and Paddy Mullins to the modern day heroes of Dermot Weld, Aidan O'Brien, Jim Bolger and Willie Mullins, they are all among the rolls of honour listed below.

  • Rolls Of Honour

  • Year        Flat Jockey
    1950 JW Thompson                               
    1951 J Mullane
    1952 J Mullane
    1953 L Ward
    1954 J Eddery
    1955 J Eddery
    1956 L Ward
    1957 L Ward
    1958 L Ward
    1959 L Ward
    1960 G Bougoure
    1961 L Ward
    1962 T P Glennon
    1963 J Roe
    1964 J Roe
    1965 G McGrath
    1966 J Roe
    1967 J Roe
    1968 J Roe
    1969 R F Parnell
    1970 G McGrath
    1971 J Roe
    1972 J Roe
    1973 J Roe
    1974 J Roe
    1975 C Roche
    1976 W Swinburn
    1977 W Swinburn
    1978 T Murphy
    1979 C Roche
    1980 C Roche
    1981 C Roche
    1982 P Eddery
    1983 C Roche
    1984 M J Kinane
    1985 M J Kinane
    1986 M J Kinane
    1987 M J Kinane
    1988 M J Kinane
    1989 M J Kinane
    1990 C Roche
    1991 M J Kinane
    1992 M J Kinane
    1993 M J Kinane
    1994 M J Kinane
    1995 J P Murtagh
    1996 J P Murtagh
    1997 C Roche
    1998 J P Murtagh
    1999 M J Kinane
    2000 P J Smullen
    2001 P J Smullen
    2002 M J Kinane
    2003 M J Kinane
    2004 J P Spencer
    2005 P J Smullen
    2006 D P McDonogh
    2007 P J Smullen
    2008 P J Smullen
    2009 J P Murtagh
    2010 P J Smullen
    2011 J P Murtagh
    2012 J P O'Brien
    2013 J P O'Brien
    2014 P J Smullen
    2015 P J Smullen
    2016 P J Smullen
    2017 C T Keane
    2018 Donnacha O'Brien

  • Year Flat Trainer
    1950 P J Prendergast
    1951 P J Prendergast
    1952 P J Prendergast
    1953 P J Prendergast
    1954 M Hurley
    1955 S McGrath
    1956 H Wragg
    1957 S McGrath
    1958 J Oxx
    1959 M V O'Brien
    1960 A S O'Brien
    1961 S McGrath
    1962 E Pollet
    1963 P J Prendergast
    1964 J M Rogers
    1965 P J Prendergast
    1966 G Todd
    1967 R F Johnson-Houghton
    1968 R F Johnson- Houghton
    1969 M V O'Brien
    1970 M V O'Brien
    1971 P Lallie
    1972 M V O'Brien
    1973 S McGrath
    1974 P Walwyn
    1975 P Walwyn
    1976 F Boutin
    1977 M V O'Brien
    1978 M V O'Brien
    1979 M V O'Brien
    1980 M V O'Brien
    1981 M V O'Brien
    1982 M V O'Brien
    1983 D K Weld
    1984 M V O'Brien
    1985 D K Weld
    1986 Sir M Stoute
    1987 M V O'Brien
    1988 M V O'Brien
    1989 D K Weld
    1990 D K Weld
    1991 J S Bolger
    1992 J S Bolger
    1993 D K Weld
    1994 D K Weld
    1995 J M Oxx
    1996 D K Weld
    1997 A P O'Brien
    1998 D K Weld
    1999 A P O'Brien
    2000 A P O'Brien
    2001 A P O'Brien
    2002 A P O'Brien
    2003 A P O'Brien
    2004 A P O'Brien
    2005 A P O'Brien
    2006 A P O'Brien
    2007 A P O'Brien
    2008 A P O'Brien
    2009 A P O'Brien
    2010 A P O'Brien
    2011 A P O'Brien
    2012 A P O'Brien
    2013 A P O'Brien
    2014 A P O'Brien
    2015 A P O'Brien
    2016 A P O'Brien
    2017 A P O'Brien
    2018 A P O'Brien 



  •  Year        Flat Owner
    1950Mr Frank More O' Ferrall
    1951H.H. The Begum Sultan Mohamed Aga Khan
    1952Mr A L Hawkins
    1953Mr A L Hawkins
    1954Mr Terence J Gray
    1955Mr Joseph McGrath
    1956Mr G A Oldham
    1957Mr Joseph McGrath
    1958Mrs Anne Bullit Biddle
    1959Mr Joseph McGrath
    1960Mr FW Burmann
    1961Mr Bert Kerr
    1962Mrs Howell E Jackson
    1963Mr James R Mullion
    1964Mr John Ismay
    1965Mr G Max Bell
    1966Mr Radha J Sigtia
    1967Mr Charles W Englehard
    1968Mr Charles W Englehard
    1969Comtese de la Valdene
    1970Mr Charles W Englehard
    1971Mr Emile Littler
    1972Mr Ravi N Tikkoo
    1973Mr Seamus McGrath
    1974Mrs Vera Hue-Williams
    1975Dr Carlo Vittadini
    1976Mme Maria-Felix Berger
    1977Mr Robert E Sangster
    1978Mr Robert E Sangster
    1979Mr Robert E Sangster
    1980Mr G L Cambanis
    1981Mr Jean Pierre Binet
    1982Mr Robert E Sangster
    1983Mr Robert E Sangster
    1984Mr Robert E Sangster
    1985Mr Ivan Allan
    1986H.H. Aga Khan IV
    1987Mr Howard Kaskel
    1988H.H. Sheikh Mohammed
    1989H.H. Sheikh Mohammed
    1990Mr Oliver Murphy
    1991A F Budge Ltd
    1992Mrs Virginia Kraft Payson
    1993Prince Khalid Abdullah
    1994H.H. Maktoum Al Maktoum
    1995H.H. Sheikh Mohammed
    1996Mr Allen E Paulson
    1997Mr Michael Tabor
    1998The Niarchos Family
    1999Mr Michael Tabor
    2000Mrs John Magnier
    2001Mrs John Magnier
    2002Mrs John Magnier
    2003Mrs John Magnier
    2004Mrs John Magnier
    2005Mrs John Magnier
    2006Mrs John Magnier
    2007Mrs John Magnier
    2008Mrs John Magnier
    2009Mrs John Magnier
    2010Mrs John Magnier
    2011Mr Derrick Smith
    2012Mr Derrick Smith
    2013Mrs Jackie Bolger
    2014Mrs John Magnier
    2015Mrs John Magnier
    2016Mrs John Magnier
    2017Mrs John Magnier
    2018Mrs John Magnier 


  • Year       Jockey 
    1947    M Molony 
    1948 M Molony 
    1949 M Molony 
    1950 M Molony  
    1951 M Molony  
    1952 P Taaffe 
    1953 P Taaffe  
    1954 P Taaffe 
    1955 P Taaffe 
    1956 T Taaffe  
    1957 T Taaffe  
    1958 H R Beasley 
    1959 H R Beasley  
    I960  H R Beasley 
    1961 P Taaffe  
    1962 F Shortt & P Taaffe  
    1963 R Coonan; A Redmond: F Shortt & P Taaffe                  
    1964 P Taaffe 
    1965 B Hannon  
    1966 P Taaffe  
    1967 R Coonan 
    1968 R Coonan  
    1969 R Coonan  
    1970 R Coonan  
    1971 R Coonan  
    1972 R Coonan  
    1973 T Carberry   
    1974 T Carberry  
    1975 F Berry & T Carberry 
    1976 T Carberry  
    1977 F Berry  
    1978 F Berry 
    1979 J P Byrne  
    1980 F Berry  
    1981 F Berry 
    1982 F Berry  
    1983 F Berry  
    1984 F Berry & A Mullins  
    1985 T Carmody  
    1986 F Berry & T Morgan  
    1987 F Berry  
    1988 T Carmody 
    1989/90 C F Swan  
    1990/91 C F Swan  
    1991/92 C F Swan 
    1992/93 C F Swan 
    1993/94 C F Swan  
    1994/95 C F Swan 
    1995/96 C F Swan 
    1996/97 C F Swan  
    1997/98 C F Swan  
    1998/99  R Walsh 
    1999/00 B J Geraghty 
    2000/01 R Walsh  
    2001/02 P Carberry  
    2002/03 P Carberry 
    2003/04 B J Geraghty  
    2004/05 R Walsh  
    2005/06 R Walsh 
    2006/07 R Walsh  
    2007/08 R Walsh 
    2008/09 R Walsh  
    2009/10 R Walsh 
    2010/11 P Townend   
    2011/12 D N Russell 
    2012/13 D N Russell 
    2013/14 R Walsh  
    2014/15 R Walsh 
    2015/16 R Walsh  
    2016/17 R Walsh  
    2017/18 D N Russell 
    2018/19 P Townend  




  • Year   Flat Trainer
    1950         Vincent O'Brien
    1951Vincent O'Brien
    1952Tom Dreaper
    1953Tom Dreaper
    1954Paddy Sleator
    1955Paddy Sleator
    1956C 'Noel' Sleator
    1957Paddy Sleator
    1958Paddy Sleator
    1959Paddy Sleator
    1960Paddy Sleator
    1961Tom Dreaper
    1962Tom Dreaper
    1963Tom Dreaper
    1964Tom Dreaper
    1965Tom Dreaper
    1966Tom Dreaper
    1967Tom Dreaper
    1968Tom Dreaper
    1969Tom Dreaper
    1970Francis Flood
    1971Tom Dreaper
    1972Jim Dreaper
    1973Jim Dreaper
    1974Jim Dreaper
    1975Jim Dreaper
    1976Jim Dreaper
    1977Edward O'Grady
    1978Edward O'Grady
    1979Edward O'Grady
    1980Edward O'Grady
    1981Paddy Mullins
    1982Paddy Mullins
    1983Dessie Hughes
    1985Paddy Mullins
    1986Paddy Mullins
    1988Paddy Mullins
    1990/1991Paddy Mullins
    1991/1992Arthur Moore
    1992/1993Anne-Marie O'Brien
    1993/1994Aidan O'Brien
    1994/1995Aidan O'Brien
    1995/1996Aidan O'Brien
    1996/1997Aidan O'Brien
    1997/1998Aidan O'Brien
    1998/1999Noel Meade
    1999/2000Noel Meade
    2000/2001Willie Mullins
    2001/2002Noel Meade
    2002/2003Noel Meade
    2003/2004Noel Meade
    2004/2005Noel Meade
    2005/2006Noel Meade
    2006/2007Noel Meade
    2007/2008Willie Mullins
    2008/2009Willie Mullins
    2009/2010Willie Mullins
    2010/2011Willie Mullins
    2011/2012Willie Mullins
    2012/2013Willie Mullins
    2013/2014Willie Mullins 
    2014/2015Willie Mullins 
    2015/2016Willie Mullins 
    2016/2017Willie Mullins 
    2017/2018Willie Mullins 
    2018/2019Willie Mullins 

  • Year 
    National Hunt Owners


    R 'Dick' McIlhagga
    Mrs A W Riddell
    Martin Hugh M Stanley
    Mrs C Magnier
    Lord Bicester
    Con Rooney
    Clifford Nicholson
    Mrs A B Biddle
    Mrs P Meehan
    Mrs G St John Nolan

    Lord Donoughmore
    George Ansley
    Frank Stafford
    Duchess of Westminster
    Duchess of Westminster
    Alec Craigie
    R 'Dick' McIlhagga
    Gen R K Mellon
    Mrs G A J Wilson  
    Gen R K Mellon
    Patrick Doyle
    R 'Dick' McIlhagga
    Mrs D W Samuel
    Mrs Sean Graham
    Mrs Peter Burrell
    Mrs Peter Burrell  
    Mrs Peter Burrell
    Vincent Kilkenny
    Mrs Raymond Eastwood
    Raymond Keogh
    Paul Clarke
    John Brophy
    Rusty Carrier
    James O'Keeffe
    Michael Smurfit
    Joe Crowley
    Michael Smurfit
    Michael Smurfit
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    Gigginstown House Stud
    J P McManus
    J P McManus
    Gigginstown House Stud
    J P McManus
    Gigginstown House Stud

    2015/2016 Gigginstown House Stud 
    2016/2017Gigginstown House Stud 
    2017/2018Gigginstown House Stud
    2018/2019Gigginstown House Stud
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