West Cork Syndicate

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
22/08/05 Tralee G 20f HcpCh 6/17 Lord Haven 10-8 North*s Real Estate Alliance H'cap S'ch
06/08/05 Kilbeggan G 25f HcpCh u/10 Lord Haven 9-4 Kieran Kelly Memorial H'cap S'chase
28/07/05 Galway GF 22f NovCh 4/18 Lord Haven 11-12 Guinness Beginners S'chase €900
13/07/05 Killarney F 20f HcpCh 4/12 Lord Haven 9-13 Ladbrokes H'cap S'chase €550
09/07/05 Fairyhouse F 21f HcpCh p/20 Lord Haven 9-6 Fairyhouse Membership 2006 H'cap S'chase
09/06/05 Tipperary G 20f HcpCh 8/20 Lord Haven 10-2 www.tipperaryraces.ie H'cap S'chase
02/06/05 Punchestown GF 16f NovCh 13/17 Lord Haven 11-5 Panoramic Restaurant Beginners S'chase
11/05/05 Fairyhouse GY 21f NovCh 13/18 Lord Haven 11-5 Dunboyne (C&G) Beginners S'chase
03/02/05 Clonmel SH 16f HcpHdl 12/20 My Native Galley 10-6 Martinstown Opportunity H'cap H'dle
03/01/05 Cork S 16f HcpHdl 5/9 My Native Galley 9-9 McCarthy Insurance Group Mares Hcap Hdle (Div 2)
22/04/04 Tipperary SH 16f HcpHdl 14/20 My Native Galley 9-13 www.tipperaryraces.ie Novice H'cap H'dle
05/02/04 Clonmel SH 16f HcpHdl 9/19 My Native Galley 10-7 Gerry Chawke H'cap H'dle (Div 2)
18/01/04 Cork S 16f HcpHdl 7/19 My Native Galley 9-8 Martinstown Opportunity H'cap H'dle
03/01/04 Cork S 16f HcpHdl 9/9 My Native Galley 9-7 Glantane (Pro-Am) (Mares) H'cap H'dle
29/12/03 Limerick SH 24f Ch p/16 Lord Haven 11-7 Moscow Society M'dn Hunters S'chase
10/12/03 Downpatrick GY 22f Ch 10/15 Lord Haven 11-7 Downpatrick M'dn Hunters S'chase (Div 1)
20/09/03 Listowel S 16f HcpHdl p/20 My Native Galley 11-0 John F.McGuire (Opportunity) H'cap H'dle
11/05/03 Killarney GY 17f NHF 19/19 My Native Galley 11-2 Denis O'Sullivan (Pro-Am) INH Flat Race
20/04/03 Fairyhouse GF 16f MdnHdl 25/29 My Native Galley 10-13 Fairyhouse Sunday Market M'dn H'dle
26/12/02 Limerick H 16f Hdl 8/16 My Native Galley 10-6 Tom Cross Drilling H'dle
15/12/02 Cork S 16f MdnHdl 17/27 My Native Galley 10-13 Mallow M'dn H'dle

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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