Sean O'Brien

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
21/03/20 Thurles 22f BegCh 8/11 Ice Cool (GB) 12-0 Horse & Jockey Beginners S'chase
14/03/20 Navan 16f HcpHdl 9/10 Muhaafiz 9-13 Adare Manor Opportunity H'cap H'dle
02/03/20 Leopardstown 16f HcpHdl 2/23 Muhaafiz 10-13 Kids Go Racing H'cap H'dle €2,400
02/03/20 Leopardstown 24f HcpHdl 8/16 Ice Cool (GB) 10-9 TRI Equestrian H'cap H'dle
23/02/20 Naas 15f HcpHdl 7/22 Muhaafiz 10-6 'From The Horse's Mouth' H'cap H'dle
18/02/20 Punchestown 24f HcpHdl 2/13 Ice Cool (GB) 10-9 David Trundley Artist H'cap H'dl €2,300
08/02/20 Naas GY 15f HcpHdl 1/18 Muhaafiz 10-9 Adare Manor Opportunity H'cap H'dle €8,400
26/01/20 Naas YS 15f HcpHdl 6/16 Muhaafiz 9-7 Join Naas Business Club H'cap H'dle €320
23/01/20 Gowran Park SH 20f HcpHdl 10/10 Ice Cool (GB) 9-10 Adare Manor Opportunity H'cap H'dle
15/01/20 Punchestown SH 16f HcpHdl 7/15 Ice Cool (GB) 10-9 Ladbrokes Daily Odds Boosts H'cap H'dle
05/01/20 Naas GY 19f HcpHdl 11/15 Ice Cool (GB) 10-9 Adare Manor Opportunity H'cap H'dle
19/11/19 Fairyhouse SH 23f HcpCh p/17 Ard Cregg 9-7 Sponsorship @ Fairyhouse H'cap S'chase
27/10/19 Galway S 22f HcpCh 10/15 Ard Cregg 9-11 Glenman Corporation H'cap S'chase
12/10/19 Fairyhouse Y 20f HcpHdl p/19 Ard Cregg 10-8 Bobbyjo Bistro H'cap H'dle
21/03/19 Cork S 20f HcpHdl 11/15 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-4 CIT Raise And Give H'cap H'dle
04/03/19 Leopardstown S 24f HcpHdl 6/13 Avec Espoir (GB) 10-4 TRI Equestrian H'cap H'dle
19/01/19 Navan Y 20f HcpHdl 6/20 Avec Espoir (GB) 10-6 Free Racecourse WiFi H'cap H'dle
18/12/18 Naas Y 19f HcpHdl 11/25 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-7 Lawlors Of Naas H'cap H'dle
27/10/18 Galway Y 18f HcpHdl 6/19 Muhaafiz 11-7 Colm Quinn BMW H'cap H'dle
15/10/18 Gowran Park SH 14f Hcp 13/18 Muhaafiz 9-5 Gowran Park Golf Memberships 2019 H'cap
09/10/18 Galway Y 18f MdnHdl 12/15 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-12 Mervue M'dn H'dle
01/10/18 Roscommon G 20f MdnHdl 10/17 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-4 Roscommon On-Course Vets M'dn H'dle
14/09/18 Listowel S 20f MdnHdl 7/15 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-12 John J.Galvin M'dn H'dle
02/08/18 Galway S 18f NHF 9/15 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-7 Good Time For A Guinness INH Flat Race
21/03/18 Limerick H 21f HcpHdl 7/10 Ice Cool (GB) 11-12 Follow Limerick On Twitter H'cap H'dle
31/12/17 Punchestown SH 20f HcpHdl p/13 Ice Cool (GB) 10-5 Buy Your Tickets Online H'cap H'dle
10/12/17 Punchestown H 16f NHF 10/10 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-4 The Old House, Kill (P-Am) INH Flat Race
02/12/17 Fairyhouse S 20f HcpHdl 14/14 Ice Cool (GB) 10-11 Kettles Supp Fingal Ravens GAA Hcap Hdle
29/11/17 Punchestown SH 16f MdnHdl f/22 Avec Espoir (GB) 11-9 BETDAQ Trading Tools M'dn H'dle
15/11/17 Fairyhouse SH 23f HcpCh 7/16 Ard Cregg 10-4 Sponsorship At Fairyhouse H'cap S'chase

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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