Stephen O'Connell Miley

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
23/03/18 Dundalk A 6f Hcp 5/10 Boatrace 9-4 Windsor Bar & Restaurant H'cap €275
12/03/18 Dundalk A 6f Mdn 4/7 Boatrace 9-5 Dundalk Stadium Business Club 2018 M'dn €600
16/02/18 Dundalk A 8f Mdn 5/14 Boatrace 9-5 At The Races M'dn €300
02/02/18 Dundalk A 7f Mdn 13/14 Boatrace 9-5 Ready Mixed Concrete M'dn
29/01/17 Leopardstown G 21f HcpCh 3/12 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 11-6 'Club 30' Membership H'cap S'chase €1,600
26/12/16 Leopardstown Y 17f HcpCh 9/12 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 10-3 Bet Through Racing Post App H'cap S'ch
27/11/16 Navan YS 16f HcpHdl 16/17 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 10-11 Davis Civil Engineering H'cap Hdle
07/11/16 Fairyhouse G 16f HcpHdl 15/15 Lonelyasacloud 10-7 Your Fundraiser At Fairyhouse Hcap Hdle
01/06/16 Punchestown G 20f MdnHdl 15/18 Lonelyasacloud 11-9 Festival Dreams Begin In Ire M'dn H'dle
14/05/16 Punchestown G 16f MdnHdl 14/25 Lonelyasacloud 11-12 Kildare Hunt Club M'dn H'dle
05/03/16 Gowran Park H 18f HcpCh p/9 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 9-12 Holden Plant Rentals Shamrock H'cap S'ch (Grade B)
24/01/16 Leopardstown S 17f HcpCh 3/15 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 11-7 Sandyford H'cap S'chase €1,280
26/12/15 Leopardstown H 17f HcpCh 3/10 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 10-13 Download Racing Post Mobile App Hcp S'ch €2,650
06/12/15 Punchestown H 20f HcpHdl 7/16 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 11-2 Follow On Facebook And Twitter Hcap Hdle
08/08/15 Kilbeggan Y 16f NHF 15/15 Kahar (GB) 11-0 Tom Birmingham Menswear INH Flat Race
12/05/15 Limerick YS 21f MdnHdl 13/15 Lonelyasacloud 11-4 Book Online Mdn Hdl
12/05/15 Limerick YS 21f HcpHdl 15/18 Vino Vino Cavo 11-9 Hospitality Packages Online H'cap H'dle
29/04/15 Punchestown Y 20f HcpCh p/18 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 9-10 Guinness H'cap S'chase (Grade A)
10/04/15 Wexford G 24f HcpHdl 11/15 Vino Vino Cavo 11-6 Oysters Point H'cap H'dle
07/03/15 Gowran Park S 20f HcpHdl 15/18 Vino Vino Cavo 11-3 Gowran Park Golf Captains H'cap H'dle
07/03/15 Gowran Park S 18f HcpCh 8/11 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 10-5 Holden Plant Rentals Shamrock H'cap S'ch (Grade B)
14/02/15 Gowran Park H 20f HcpCh 8/13 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 11-3 At The Races Careys Cottage H'cap Schase
18/01/15 Leopardstown S 16f HcpHdl 17/24 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 9-10 BoyleSports H'dle (Grade B)
26/12/14 Leopardstown S 17f HcpCh 1/12 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 9-12 Racing Post For Irish Racing H'cap S'ch €16,500
16/11/14 Punchestown S 16f HcpHdl 6/10 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 10-7 Go Racing In Kildare 2015 H'cap Hdle
31/07/14 Galway G 18f NHF 13/13 Kahar (GB) 11-0 Guinness Legacy INH Flat Race
05/06/14 Tipperary G 20f HcpHdl 16/20 Vino Vino Cavo 10-11 Pride Of Tipperary Launch H'cap H'dle
04/06/14 Punchestown GY 22f HcpCh 6/22 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 11-9 Punchestown For Events H'cap S'chase
02/05/14 Punchestown GY 17f NHF 21/25 Rocky Robin (GB) 10-8 ITBA Fillies Scheme Premier Bumper
01/05/14 Punchestown Y 16f HcpCh 6/16 Forty Foot Tom (GB) 9-10 H'cap S'chase (Grade C)

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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