One More Go Syndicate

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
22/02/20 Fairyhouse 20f HcpHdl 10/21 Shar Whats Therush 11-5 Easter Festival 11th-13th April Hcp Hdle
20/10/19 Cork Y 20f BegCh 8/11 Shar Whats Therush 11-12 The Irish Stallion Farms EBF Beginners S
27/04/19 Wexford YS 24f HcpHdl p/14 Shar Whats Therush 10-12 Vinegar Hill H'cap H'dle
16/02/19 Gowran Park Y 20f HcpHdl 3/19 Shar Whats Therush 10-3 Racing TV H'cap H'dle €1,650
12/01/19 Fairyhouse G 24f HcpHdl 2/8 Shar Whats Therush 9-11 Fairyhouse Members 2019 H'cap H'dle €3,600
28/12/18 Limerick S 21f HcpHdl 2/18 Shar Whats Therush 11-10 Parkway Shopping Centre H'cap H'dle (Div 1) €2,300
18/11/18 Cork Y 21f BegCh 10/18 Shar Whats Therush 11-5 I.N.H. Stallion Owners EBF Beg. S'chase
01/04/18 Fairyhouse SH 20f HcpHdl 8/13 Shar Whats Therush 10-1 Gleesons Butchers Novice H'cap H'dle
30/01/18 Punchestown H 20f HcpHdl f/9 Shar Whats Therush 10-11 €250 Free Bets Novice Hcap Hdl
07/11/17 Fairyhouse S 20f HcpHdl 1/13 Shar Whats Therush 10-7 Book Winter Festival Tickets H'cap H'dle €6,875
16/09/17 Listowel H 20f HcpHdl 11/18 Shar Whats Therush 10-7 Tote H'cap H'dle
10/04/17 Tramore G 16f MdnHdl 9/11 Shar Whats Therush 11-2 Win Big With Tote Pick 6 M'dn H'dle
30/03/17 Limerick S 16f MdnHdl 9/9 Shar Whats Therush 11-0 Southwest Student Raceday (C&G) Mdn Hdle
18/03/17 Limerick S 16f MdnHdl 10/14 Shar Whats Therush 11-0 Limerick On Twitter (C & G) M'dn H'dle
07/11/15 Naas S 20f HcpCh 6/8 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-0 Thoroughbred County Novice H'cap S'chase
25/10/15 Galway Y 18f HcpCh f/11 Bendala Bleu (GB) 9-12 Renvyle House Hotel H'cap S'chase
19/09/15 Listowel YS 17f HcpCh 1/8 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-1 Charlie Chute Memorial (Q.R.) H'cap S'ch €8,750
17/04/15 Tipperary G 20f HcpCh 2/8 Bendala Bleu (GB) 9-10 H'cap S'chase €2,720
02/04/15 Clonmel S 20f HcpCh 3/14 Bendala Bleu (GB) 10-8 Happy Easter To Our Patrons H'cap S'ch €880
12/02/15 Thurles YS 22f HcpCh p/17 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-2 Rock Of Cashel H'cap S'chase
22/12/13 Thurles S 18f HcpCh p/13 Bendala Bleu (GB) 10-1 Martinstown Opportunity H'cap S'chase
30/10/13 Punchestown YS 20f HcpCh 2/14 Bendala Bleu (GB) 10-6 Punchestown Annual Membership H'cap S'ch €1,700
17/10/13 Punchestown G 25f HcpCh 2/16 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-6 Ingoldsby (QR) H'cap S'chase €1,530
02/10/13 Sligo H 24f HcpCh p/14 Bendala Bleu (GB) 10-8 St Angela's College Sligo H'cap S'chase
19/09/13 Listowel S 22f BegCh 7/11 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-12 Kevin McManus Beginners S'chase
07/06/13 Downpatrick GF 21f Ch 10/14 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-0 Catch Me If You Can Hunters S'chase
25/10/12 Thurles YS 22f BegCh p/16 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-10 Beginners S'chase (Div 1)
14/10/12 Limerick SH 19f BegCh u/15 Bendala Bleu (GB) 11-11 STL Logistics EBF Beg.S'chase (Div 1)
05/05/12 Limerick G 24f HcpHdl 13/17 Second Alliance 10-9 Kelloggs Cul Camps H'cap H'dle (Div 1)
22/02/12 Punchestown H 22f HcpHdl 14/22 Second Alliance 10-8 Hen Party Heaven at Festival H'cap H'dle

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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