Arthur Moore

County Of Origin: Kildare

First winner: Irian, Punchestown, January 17, 1979

Significant horses (selected): Klairon Davis, Tiger Cry, Fadoudal Du Cochet, Mansony, Native Upmanship, Organisedconfusion, More Than A Stroll, Feathered Leader, Weather The Storm, Major Rumpus, The Railway Man, Glenelly Gale, Jeffell, Manhattan Castle, Crossed My Mind, Gentleman Duke, Pass The Hat, Well Ridden, Lastoftheleaders, What A Charm, Stewarts House, Marcus Du Berlais, Derawar, Lyreen Wonder, Tyndarius, Emerald Gale, Ryhane, Tarthooth, Have To Think, Wylde Hide, All The Aces, Kings English, Soft Day, Bitofabanter, Second Schedual, Dee Ell, Feroda, Have A Barney, Good For A Laugh, Roark, Joyful Noise, Bonalma, Thinking Cap, Flying Trove, Drumgora, Royal Bond, King's English, Fredcoteri, Graphic Equaliser, Roark, Joyful Noise. 

Did you know:  

Arthur Moore learned his trade from his highly-successful trainer father, Dan. Dan was perhaps best known as the trainer of L'Escargot who won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in both 1970 and 1971, as well as the 1975 Aintree Grand National. At that time, Arthur was successfully exhibiting his talents in the saddle with notable wins coming on King's Sprite in the Irish Grand National in 1971. He has enjoyed no shortage of success in his lengthy training career and was Champion National Hunt Trainer in the 1991/1992 season.

Ladbrokes Irish Grand National S'chase (Grade A) (Organisedconfusion - N. Carberry - 2011)

Kerrygold Champion S'chase (Grade 1) (Mansony (FR) - D.N. Russell - 2007)

JAMES NICHOLSON WINE MERCHANT Champ.S'ch (Grade 1) (Glenelly Gale - C. O'Dwyer - 2003)

JAMES NICHOLSON WINE MERCHANT Champ.S'ch (Grade 1) (More Than A Stroll - C. O'Dwyer - 2002)

Guinness Kerry National H'cap S'chase (Grade A) (More Than A Stroll - C. O'Dwyer - 2001)

Dr.P.J.Moriarty Novice S'chase (Grade 1) (The Railway Man - D.N. Russell - 2006)

Powers Gold Label H'cap H'dle Series (Grade B) (Masalarian - D.J. Howard - 2001) H'cap H'dle (Grade B) (Major Sensation - P.A. Carberry - 2008)

Paddy Power Dial-A-Bet S'chase (Grade 1) (Mansony (FR) - D.N. Russell - 2007)

Menolly Homes H'cap H'dle (Grade B) (Bon Temps Rouler (FR) - P.A. Carberry - 2005)

Pierse Leopardstown H'cap S'chase (Grade A) (Marcus Du Berlais (FR) - B.M. Cash - 2005)

Pierse Leopardstown H'cap S'chase (Grade B) (Lyreen Wonder (GB) - B.M. Cash - 2002)

The 12th Ladbroke (Grade A) (Graphic Equaliser - C. O'Dwyer - 1998)

John Durkan Memorial Punchestown S'chase (Grade 1) (Native Upmanship - C. O'Dwyer - 2002)

Ulster Bank H'cap S'chase (Grade B) (Notable D'Estruval (FR) - P.A. Carberry - 2008)

Powers Gold Cup (Grade 1) (Native Upmanship - C. O'Dwyer - 2000)

Dan Moore Memorial H'cap S'chase (Grade B) (Lastoftheleaders - D.N. Russell - 2013)

Tote Ireland 75th Anniversary H'cap Hdle (Listed) (Mansony (FR) - N. Carberry - 2005)

David Austin Memorial Novice H'cap S'ch (Grade A) (Feathered Leader - N. Williamson - 2000)

Power Home Dan Moore Mem. H'cap S'chase (Grade A) (Fadoudal Du Cochet (FR) - C. O'Dwyer - 2004)

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
Winter All Weather 2019/202010000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2018/201910000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2015/201620000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2014/201530001€0€500€500
Winter All Weather 2013/201410000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2011/201230010€0€560€560
National Hunt 2020/2021366334€60,000€15,170€75,170
National Hunt 2019/2020470575€0€29,850€29,850
National Hunt 2018/2019437442€80,938€21,738€102,675
National Hunt 2017/2018502344€14,063€22,838€36,900
National Hunt 2016/20177655411€40,625€28,113€68,738
National Hunt 2015/20167136415€55,400€42,100€97,500
National Hunt 2014/20158381495€114,740€114,860€229,600
National Hunt 2013/20141301012149€103,700€63,615€167,315
National Hunt 2012/20131201513108€147,940€77,145€225,085
National Hunt 2011/2012134810108€79,000€49,650€128,650
National Hunt 2010/201114768108€182,400€48,327€230,727
National Hunt 2009/20101831381613€125,275€59,910€185,185
National Hunt 2008/200924416152415€227,700€107,494€335,194
National Hunt 2007/200825422212012€434,400€192,645€627,045
National Hunt 2006/200724018141512€327,550€133,150€460,700
National Hunt 2005/200632924353028€325,800€296,960€622,760
National Hunt 2004/200532423263127€480,970€354,265€835,235
National Hunt 2003/200436241364834€601,470€330,335€931,805
National Hunt 2002/200333432313228€574,900€239,430€814,330
National Hunt 2001/200237141504326€707,149€420,560€1,127,709
National Hunt 2000/200130137343034€551,486€274,715€826,201
Flat 2019111001€6,000€1,605€7,605
Flat 201870000€0€313€313
Flat 201720000€0€0€0
Flat 2016141021€6,250€3,500€9,750
Flat 2015253221€19,600€7,495€27,095
Flat 2014304331€32,725€9,430€42,155
Flat 2013311552€5,950€12,530€18,480
Flat 2012374124€26,600€5,360€31,960
Flat 2011300322€0€12,775€12,775
Flat 201081211€8,050€5,130€13,180
Flat 2009101011€6,650€1,105€7,755
Flat 200830000€0€0€0
Flat 200720000€0€0€0
Flat 2005111110€6,300€2,520€8,820
Flat 200480011€0€1,300€1,300
Flat 200341010€6,300€880€7,180
Flat 200220100€0€1,530€1,530
Flat 200150000€0€0€0
Flat 2000100000€0€0€0
Flat 199980100€0€1,079€1,079
Flat 1998182133€14,221€4,352€18,573

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Navan 06/03/21 Midland Millie Rachael Blackmore HcpHdl 2m 4f 13 10-4 96 Athboy H'cap H'dle
Navan 06/03/21 Fag An Bealach H. Morgan HcpCh 2m 4f 5 11-0 113 Mares H'cap S'chase
Fairyhouse 05/03/21 Killybegs Junior B.J. Foley HcpHdl 2m 4f 11 11-9 94 Easter Festival 3rd - 5th Apr Hcap H'dle (Div 1)
Navan 21/02/21 Fag An Bealach D. Meyler NHF 1m 7f 170yds p.u. 11-0 113 Flower Hill (Pro-Am) INH Flat Race
Fairyhouse 08/02/21 The Priests Leap D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 3 12-0 123 Congratulations ITBA_Official M'dn Hdle (Div 2) €1,200
Fairyhouse 08/02/21 Whowonthetoss D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 2 11-13 Congratulations ITBA_Official M'dn Hdle (Div 1) €2,400
Fairyhouse 08/02/21 Killybegs Junior D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 4f 50yds 7 11-12 Easter Festival 3rd-5th April M'dn H'dle
Leopardstown 07/02/21 Crossed My Mind D.F. O'Regan HcpCh 2m 5f 93yds 8 10-2 134 Gaelic Plant Hire H'cap S'chase (Grade A) Grade A
Naas 31/01/21 Fag An Bealach D. Meyler HcpCh 2m 4f 90yds 6 10-7 113 Tipper Road Novice H'cap S'chase €320
Gowran-Park 28/01/21 Pani Problem (FR) D. Meyler HcpHdl 2m 6 11-5 92 Langtons Kilkenny H'cap H'dle €200
Cork 02/01/21 Killybegs Junior D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 11 12-0 M'dn H'dle
Limerick 28/12/20 The Priests Leap D. Meyler NovCh 2m 1f 160yds fell 11-5 Parkway Shopping Centre Rated Novice Sch
Leopardstown 27/12/20 Sea Ducor (GB) D. Meyler HcpHdl 2m 2 11-4 132 Paddy Power Maybe I Like Misery Hcp Hdle €4,200
Limerick 26/12/20 Fag An Bealach D. Meyler HcpHdl 2m 4f 7 10-10 107 O'Kelly Brothers (Mares) H'cap H'dle
Thurles 20/12/20 Midland Millie C.J. Orr HcpCh 2m 2f 10 10-1 100 Adare Manor Opportunity H'cap S'chase
Naas 14/12/20 Whowonthetoss D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 3 11-9 Irish Field Supporting Irish M'dn H'dle €1,200
Navan 05/12/20 Crossed My Mind N.P. Madden HcpCh 2m 4f 1 10-0 124 Foxrock H'cap S'chase (Grade B) Grade B €24,000
Thurles 26/11/20 Killybegs Junior N.P. Madden MdnHdl 1m 7f 187yds 7 11-4 Thurles M'dn H'dle
Naas 21/11/20 Fag An Bealach D. Meyler HcpCh 2m 4f 1 11-6 108 Rathbarry & Glenview Novice H'cap Schase €6,600
Naas 21/11/20 Pani Problem (FR) D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 3f 9 12-0 Irish Stallion Owners EBF M'dn H'dle

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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