George Stewart

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
National Hunt 2020/202110000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2018/201920000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2017/201840000€0€313€313
National Hunt 2016/201790010€0€2,900€2,900
National Hunt 2015/2016210021€0€2,240€2,240
National Hunt 2014/201510000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2013/201481100€5,600€1,700€7,300
National Hunt 2012/201340000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2011/201250000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2010/201180000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2009/2010150021€0€1,880€1,880
National Hunt 2008/2009160102€0€2,671€2,671
National Hunt 2007/2008280013€0€5,725€5,725
National Hunt 2006/2007221101€18,150€3,095€21,245
National Hunt 2005/2006191021€18,150€2,590€20,740
National Hunt 2004/2005121000€5,600€0€5,600
National Hunt 2003/2004281020€8,750€1,640€10,390
National Hunt 2002/2003382123€32,700€5,675€38,375
National Hunt 2001/2002454346€35,950€15,366€51,316
National Hunt 2000/2001561127€6,222€5,809€12,031

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Down-Royal 17/12/20 Ringneill D.G. Lavery Ch 2m 5f 100yds p.u. 11-6 Bluegrass Horse Feeds Hunters S'chase
Down-Royal 26/12/18 Castle Clyde P.E. Corbett BegCh 2m 4f 11 11-9 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Beginners S'ch
Down-Royal 07/05/18 Castle Clyde M.J. O'Hare HcpHdl 2m 15 11-2 90 Sean Graham Bookmakers H'cap H'dle
Down-Royal 19/03/18 Castle Clyde C.M. Leonard HcpHdl 2m 3f 105yds 5 11-7 92 Adare Manor Opportunity H'cap H'dle €313
Fairyhouse 02/12/17 Castle Clyde D.E. Mullins MdnHdl 2m 2f 22 11-12 Irish Racing Yearbook M'dn H'dle
Fairyhouse 15/11/17 Castle Clyde D.E. Mullins MdnHdl 2m 12 11-4 Christmas Parties At Fairyhouse Mdn Hdle
Down-Royal 03/11/17 Castle Clyde D.E. Mullins MdnHdl 2m 6f 6 11-12 Eventsec M'dn H'dle
Fairyhouse 16/04/17 Pendale K. Ferris NHF 2m 6 10-4 Tattersalls Ireland Sales Bumper €2,000
Navan 19/03/17 Castle Clyde M.J. O'Hare NHF 2m 7 11-9 Navan Race Members (Pr-Am) INH Flat Race
Down-Royal 17/03/17 Pendale J.P. McKeown NHF 2m 140yds 10 10-11 Bet With The Tote (Mares) INH Flat Race
Down-Royal 31/01/17 Castle Clyde M.J. O'Hare NHF 2m 3 11-9 Dark Horse Wine Bar Down Royal Flat Race €900
Fairyhouse 25/01/17 Pendale L. O'Neill NHF 2m 7 10-0 Irish Stallion Farms EBF(M)INH Flat Race
Fairyhouse 15/01/17 Castle Clyde M.J. O'Hare NHF 2m 6 11-9 Next Racing Jan 25th (P-A) INH Flat Race
Down-Royal 26/12/16 Castle Clyde M.J. O'Hare NHF 2m 7 11-9 Bet With The Tote (Pro-Am) INH Flat Race
Down-Royal 02/05/16 Howwouldsheno D.E. Mullins MdnHdl 2m 11 10-11 95 Mac-interiors M'dn H'dle
Down-Royal 02/05/16 Charlie Mon D.E. Mullins BegCh 2m 4f 7 11-12 Monty's Pass Beginners S'chase
Downpatrick 30/03/16 Charlie Mon P.E. Corbett MdnHdl 2m 2f 50yds 8 10-13 95 Count Me In M'dn H'dle
Downpatrick 30/03/16 Howwouldsheno P.E. Corbett MdnHdl 2m 5f 110yds 6 10-8 Irish Injured Jockeys EBF (M) M'dn H'dle
Down-Royal 17/03/16 Howwouldsheno M.J. Lynch NHF 2m 6 11-2 Weatherbys Ireland GSB (M) INH Flat Race
Down-Royal 17/03/16 Charlie Mon E. O'Connell MdnHdl 2m 8 10-11 Daily Mirror M'dn H'dle

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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