Eoin Griffin

First winner (restricted trainer): Treanaree (Norman Williamson) Navan, November 16, 1997

First winner (full licence): Rua Lass (Karl Wyse) Cork, July 4, 2000

Significant horses (selected): Kazal, Lounaos, Road to Respect, The Last Derby, Back To Paris, Don't Be Bitin, Kevat, Lounaos, Norther Bay, Academy Sir Harry, Admiral Barry, St Devote, Baracas, Mirpour, Rua Lass.

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Did you know:

Eoin’s route to becoming a racehorse trainer was not a conventional one, he did not work full-time in the industry before taking out a licence to train. He worked for Guinness in Waterford Brewery and gained experience riding out at the weekends and holidays for Aidan O'Brien's father in law, Joe Crowley.

However, Eoin always harboured dreams of training on a full-time basis. In 1996, he purchased a small farm close to his home village of Slieverue and over time he has developed the farm from a greenfield site to a state-of-the-art training facility.

Eoin’s top-class training facility at Beacon Hill, Slieverue is right on the Kilkenny-Waterford border so although his yard at Beacon Hill is located in County Kilkenny it is just also 10mins from Waterford City Centre. 

As a permit holder, Eoin enjoyed his first winner when Treanaree won a handicap hurdle in Navan. In 2000, Eoin took out his public licence and soon after Rua Lass duly obliged with his second winner landing a bumper at Cork. 

Eoin has also developed an excellent reputation for sourcing horses that have competed at the highest level. Kazal, Lounaos, Our Conor, Don’t Be Bitin, Glencove Marina, St Devote, The Last Derby and Road To Respect are just some of the horses Eoin has either purchased or sourced for owners.

carlton.ie/galwaycity (QR) H'cap (Admiral Barry - M.P. Fogarty - 2010)

Michael Purcell Memorial Novice H'dle (Grade 2) (Kazal (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2007)

Guinness H'cap (Kevkat - D.P. McDonogh - 2006)

Irish Stallion Farms EBF August H'cap (Back To Paris - J.P. Murtagh - 2005)

Ladbrokes.com Boyne H'dle (Grade 2) (Kazal (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2008)

Woodlands Park 100 Slaney Novice H'dle (Grade 2) (Kazal (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2007)

INH Stallion Owners EBF Nov. H'cap H'dle (Grade B) (Baracas (FR) - M.J. Bolger - 2011)

Curragh Amateur Derby EBF H'cap (Admiral Barry - M.P. Fogarty - 2010)

Listowel Race Supporters Lartigue H'dle (Grade C) (Don't Be Bitin - R. Walsh - 2005)

Dawn Milk H'cap H'dle (Rua Lass - S.G. McDermott - 2001)

Byrne Group Plc Tied Cottage S'chase (Don't Be Bitin - P. Carberry - 2008)

paddypower.com Johnstown Novice H'dle (Grade 2) (Kazal (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2007)

Durkan New Homes Juvenile H'dle (Grade 2) (Lounaos (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2006)

Leopardstown November (Lounaos (FR) - P.J. Smullen - 2006)

Kevin McManus Bookmkr Grimes Nov S'chase (Grade 3) (Mirpour - R. Walsh - 2004)

Guinness H'cap H'dle (Grade C) (St Devote (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2010)

Ballykisteen Hotel Joe Mac Nov.H'dl (Grade 3) (Norther Bay (FR) - D.J. Casey - 2007)

Ladbrokes.com Dorans Pride Novice H'dle (Grade 3) (Kazal (FR) - D.J. Casey - 2006)

Kilbegnet EBF Novice S'chase (Grade 3) (St Devote (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2011)

Toshiba Copier Novice H'dle (Grade 3) (Kazal (FR) - B.J. Geraghty - 2007)

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
Winter All Weather 2013/201420000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2012/201330000€0€0€0
Winter All Weather 2011/201260111€0€3,810€3,810
National Hunt 2019/2020160030€0€4,863€4,863
National Hunt 2018/2019565333€33,125€12,900€46,025
National Hunt 2017/2018240222€0€8,775€8,775
National Hunt 2016/2017251112€16,250€6,213€22,463
National Hunt 2015/2016514694€38,830€33,975€72,805
National Hunt 2014/2015637374€49,000€23,965€72,965
National Hunt 2013/2014643963€21,875€48,195€70,070
National Hunt 2012/2013484354€23,800€11,595€35,395
National Hunt 2011/20128674107€77,670€29,255€106,925
National Hunt 2010/20111271211179€149,480€125,157€274,637
National Hunt 2009/201010849118€22,400€77,359€99,759
National Hunt 2008/20091371417149€132,195€101,395€233,590
National Hunt 2007/200812113101212€197,600€69,828€267,428
National Hunt 2006/200797171179€313,280€59,425€372,705
National Hunt 2005/2006754437€61,500€22,545€84,045
National Hunt 2004/2005868949€88,150€70,870€159,020
National Hunt 2003/20045310354€105,850€18,410€124,260
National Hunt 2002/2003571954€7,700€28,550€36,250
National Hunt 2001/2002404354€65,909€14,429€80,338
National Hunt 2000/2001265333€34,442€17,370€51,812
Flat 201810000€0€0€0
Flat 2016110201€0€5,963€5,963
Flat 201420000€0€0€0
Flat 2013212130€18,800€6,490€25,290
Flat 2012201202€3,920€6,030€9,950
Flat 2011320112€0€13,090€13,090
Flat 2010494576€105,550€43,915€149,465
Flat 2009403111€21,000€6,070€27,070
Flat 2008665753€57,700€22,275€79,975
Flat 2007886499€75,770€42,565€118,335
Flat 2006558661€140,070€53,575€193,645
Flat 2005527342€93,300€15,090€108,390
Flat 2004335132€49,500€17,115€66,615
Flat 2003280103€0€7,450€7,450
Flat 2002100001€0€900€900
Flat 200120011€0€1,498€1,498

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Cork 20/10/19 Stephenstown (GB) N.P. Madden HcpHdl 2m 3f 10 10-11 103 Matchbook Betting Exchange H'cap H'dle
Punchestown 15/10/19 Calibrator M.P. Fogarty MdnHdl 2m 4f 12 11-7 Ladbrokes Home Of The Odds Boost Mdn Hdl
Fairyhouse 12/10/19 Riverdene R.A. Doyle HcpHdl 2m 5 11-4 104 Fairyhouse For Fundraisers H'cap H'dle €375
Navan 28/09/19 Calibrator D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 20 11-8 Bar One Racing App M'dn H'dle
Downpatrick 27/09/19 Scotch Quay R.A. Doyle BegCh 2m 1f 165yds u.r. 11-7 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Beginners S'ch
Listowel 10/09/19 Scotch Quay R.A. Doyle BegCh 2m 1f 3 11-7 John F. McGuire Beginners S'chase €1,500
Cork 05/08/19 Scotch Quay R.A. Doyle HcpHdl 2m 3f 8 11-2 102 Marymount Hospice Charity H'cap H'dle
Killarney 18/07/19 Scotch Quay R.A. Doyle HcpHdl 2m 4f 3 10-13 103 AdareManor Opportunity H'cap H'dle €1,400
Cork 12/07/19 Blondes No More C.P. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 4f p.u. 9-10 84 Finbarr Quaid Electrical (M) H'cap H'dle
Kilbeggan 17/06/19 Blondes No More D. Meyler HcpHdl 3m 180yds 5 11-2 85 Greville Arms Hotel Mullingar H'cap H'dl €263
Kilbeggan 17/06/19 Dalluna (FR) D. Meyler MdnHdl 2m 11 11-5 85 Book At www.kilbegganraces.com M'dn Hdle
Wexford 05/06/19 Blondes No More D. Meyler HcpHdl 2m 4f 80yds 3 11-1 84 Sliabh Coillte H'cap H'dle €1,000
Tramore 01/06/19 Dalluna (FR) D. Meyler HcpHdl 2m 12 10-12 88 Register For Style Evening H'cap H'dle
Tipperary 23/05/19 Blondes No More R.A. Doyle HcpHdl 2m 9 10-13 87 Follow Us On Facebook H'cap H'dle
Cork 11/05/19 Scotch Quay R.A. Doyle NovHdl 2m 3f 5 10-9 104 Ballymaloe Relish Rated Novice H'dle €325
Downpatrick 10/05/19 Blondes No More R.A. Doyle HcpHdl 2m 1f 100yds 10 9-13 89 Molson Coors Laffy Bar (M) H'cap H'dle
Punchestown 02/05/19 Stephenstown (GB) N.P. Madden HcpHdl 2m 40yds 19 10-9 105 JLT H'cap H'dle
Sligo 28/04/19 Blondes No More C.P. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 4f 7 10-7 90 Kennedy's Bar Sligo H'cap H'dle (Div 1)
Kilbeggan 26/04/19 Scotch Quay R.A. Doyle HcpHdl 2m 2 11-0 100 Summer Party Pack H'cap H'dle €2,400
Cork 22/04/19 Honourbeforeglory C.D. Maxwell MdnHdl 3m p.u. 11-11 Racing Home For Easter M'dn H'dle

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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