Stolberg br G 2008 Vinnie Roe - Giveherthewhistle

Trainer: A.J. McNamara
Previous Trainer(s):
Owner: Mrs.A.J.McNamara

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
National Hunt 2016/2017100100€0€2,713€2,713
National Hunt 2015/201662101€16,875€2,600€19,475
National Hunt 2014/201541000€7,000€0€7,000
National Hunt 2013/201480201€0€4,240€4,240
National Hunt 2012/201321000€7,000€0€7,000

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Jockey Trainer Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Chepstow 21/03/18 S. Twiston-Davies HcpHdl 2m 3f 100yds 9 10-12 THE NEWPORT COUNTY SUPPORTERS HANDICAP HURDLE RACE (CLASS 4)
Sandown park 09/03/18 SAC Sam Williams HcpHdl 1m 7f 216yds 4 11-3 THE QUEEN ELIZABETH THE QUEEN MOTHER MEMORIAL AMATEUR RIDERS'HANDICAP HURDLE RACE (CLASS 4) (for Military Amateur Riders
Wincanton 17/02/18 D. Crosse HcpHdl 2m 5f 82yds p 12-0 THE BETWAY HANDICAP HURDLE RACE (CLASS 4)
Lingfield park 30/01/18 D. Crosse HcpHdl 2m 3f 110yds 1 11-12 THE PREMIER LEAGUE BETTING AT 188BET HANDICAP HURDLE RACE(CLASS 5)
Plumpton 07/01/18 D. Crosse HcpHdl 2m 4f 114yds f 11-12 THE DOWNLOAD THE AT THE RACES iPAD APP HANDICAP HURDLE RACE(CLASS 5)
Chepstow 09/12/17 D. Crosse HcpHdl 2m 7f 131yds 7 10-1 THE LLEWELLYN HUMPHREYS HANDICAP HURDLE RACE (CLASS 3)
Ascot 24/11/17 Sean Houlihan HcpHdl 1m 7f 152yds 11 9-13 THE COUTTS HANDICAP HURDLE RACE (CLASS 2)
Sandown park 12/11/17 D. Crosse HcpHdl 1m 7f 216yds 10 10-13 THE PLAY CASINO AT 188BET HANDICAP HURDLE RACE (CLASS 3) (Challenger Two Mile Hurdle Series Qualifier)
Cork 16/04/17 D.J. McInerney A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 3m 15 10-12 109 Munster Waste Managment H'cap H'dle
Limerick 06/04/17 D.J. McInerney A.J. McNamara BegCh 2m 3f 120yds 8 11-5 Greenmount Park Beginners S'chase
Limerick 19/03/17 D.J. McInerney A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 5f 2 10-7 106 Follow Limerick On Twitter H'cap H'dle €2,400
Navan 19/02/17 D.J. McInerney A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 6f 70yds 6 10-4 107 Martinstown Opportunity H'cap H'dle
Leopardstown 22/01/17 Rachael Blackmore A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 3m 7 9-11 109 Bet & Watch Racing At Hcap Hdle
Limerick 27/12/16 C.M. Collins A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 3m 5 10-12 110 Roches Feeds H'cap H'dle €313
Cork 20/11/16 Rachael Blackmore A.J. McNamara BegCh 2m 5f p.u. 11-7 I.N.H. Stallion Owners EBF Beg. S'chase
Limerick 09/10/16 R.A. Doyle A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 6f 12 10-12 111 David Fitzgerald Memorial H'cap H'dle
Killarney 16/05/16 C. Brassil A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 4f p.u. 10-13 112 Robin Parke Memorial H'cap H'dle
Limerick 08/05/16 J.M. Moore A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 3m 9 10-1 112 For GAA Betting H'cap H'dle
Limerick 14/04/16 C. Brassil A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 2f 1 11-5 106 Martinstown Opportunity H'cap H'dle €9,063
Cork 14/03/16 E.M. O'Sullivan A.J. McNamara HcpHdl 2m 4f 2 11-12 97 Money Back On Fallers (QR) H'cap H'dle €2,100

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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