Cristal Bonus (FR) b G 2006 Della Francesca (USA) - Cristal Springs (FR)

Trainer: Paul Nicholls (in GB)
Previous Trainer(s):
Owner: R.J.H.Geffen

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
National Hunt 2012/201311000€33,000€0€33,000

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Jockey Trainer Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Cheltenham 15/12/12 R. Walsh HcpCh 2m 5f p 11-7 THE PAUL STEWART IronSpine CHARITY CHALLENGE GOLD CUP(A HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE) (CLASS 1) (Grade 3)
Down-Royal 03/11/12 D.A. Jacob Paul Nicholls (in GB) Ch 2m 4f 1 11-10 Ladbrokes S'chase (Grade 2) Grade 2 €33,000
Aintree 12/04/12 Daryl Jacob Ch 2m 4f 2 11-4 THE BETFRED MANIFESTO NOVICES' STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (Grade 1)
Cheltenham 15/03/12 R. Walsh Ch 2m 4f N/A 11-4 THE JEWSON NOVICES' STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1)(Registered as The Golden Miller Novices' Chase) (Grade 2)
Kempton park 25/02/12 R. Walsh Ch 2m 4f 110yds 1 11-0 THE RACING PLUS PENDIL NOVICES' STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2)
Chepstow 20/01/12 R. Walsh Ch 2m 3f 110yds 1 11-0 THE BEGINNERS' STEEPLE CHASE (CLASS 4)
Cheltenham 29/01/11 A. P. McCoy Hdl 3m 7 11-8 THE Rewards4Racing CLEEVE HURDLE RACE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2)
Cheltenham 11/12/10 A. P. McCoy Hdl 2m 1f 5 11-8 THE INTERNATIONAL HURDLE RACE (CLASS 1) (Grade 2)
Auteuil 14/11/10 S DEHEZ Hdl 2m 3f 110yds 2 10-6 PRIX RENAUD DU VIVIER (GRANDE COURSE DE HAIES DES 4 ANS)
Auteuil 16/10/10 D COTTIN Hdl 2m 3f 110yds 6 10-6 PRIX PIERRE DE LASSUS
Auteuil 07/09/10 D COTTIN Hdl 2m 2f 1 10-8 PRIX MELANOS
Enghien-soisy 25/11/09 C GOMBEAU Hdl 2m 1f 110yds 1 10-3 PRIX GENERAL DE SAINT-DIDIER
Enghien-soisy 24/10/09 C GOMBEAU Hdl 2m 1f 110yds 1 10-10 PRIX DE BOURGES
Enghien-soisy 29/09/09 C GOMBEAU Hdl 2m 1f 110yds 2 10-10 PRIX DES CEVENNES
Clairefontaine 08/08/09 J RICOU Hdl 2m 1f 8 10-8 PRIX DE L'ORBIQUET
Enghien-soisy 08/04/09 Hdl 2m 110yds 4 10-8 PRIX DU BREVENT
Lyon-parilly 22/03/09 Hdl 1m 7f 1 10-6 PRIX ELEVAGE SALERS

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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