Edward Cawley

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
19/01/20 Thurles YS 21f HcpCh 2/11 Nobody Home 10-3 www.thurlesraces.ie H'cap S'chase
18/01/20 Navan 20f MdnHdl 8/16 Dont Go Yet 11-9 Watch RacingTV With Free Trial M'dn Hdle
18/01/20 Navan 20f HcpHdl 6/9 Diamond Grove (GB) 10-9 RacingTV FREE For A Month H'cap H'dle
15/01/20 Punchestown SH 16f HcpHdl 13/15 Breezy Bell (GER) 10-7 Ladbrokes Daily Odds Boosts H'cap H'dle
15/01/20 Punchestown SH 20f MdnHdl p/18 Bard Of Eirn 11-6 Ladbrokes Football 'Acca-Boosty' Mdn Hdl
12/01/20 Punchestown S 16f MdnHdl 18/24 Get Crackin 11-7 Racing TV Club Day Today M'dn H'dle
11/01/20 Fairyhouse S 24f HcpHdl 9/9 Forever Gold 11-0 Fairyhouse Members 2020 H'cap H'dle
28/12/19 Limerick H 21f HcpHdl p/19 Need For Gold 10-5 Parkway Shopping Centre H'cap H'dle
16/12/19 Naas S 19f MdnHdl 17/24 Diamond Grove (GB) 11-7 2020 Naas Membership M'dn H'dle
07/12/19 Navan S 16f MdnHdl 14/28 Breezy Bell (GER) 11-0 Kells M'dn H'dle
07/12/19 Navan S 24f HcpHdl 6/16 Forever Gold 9-11 eCOMM Merchant Solutions H'cap H'dle (Grade B) €1,600
30/11/19 Fairyhouse S 16f MdnHdl 17/28 Diamond Grove (GB) 11-9 Kettles Country House Fingal M'dn H'dle
30/11/19 Fairyhouse S 16f MdnHdl 18/28 Breezy Bell (GER) 10-13 Kettles Country House Fingal M'dn H'dle
30/11/19 Fairyhouse S 20f HcpHdl 12/13 Nobody Home 11-5 Fairyhouse 2020 Membership H'cap H'dle
17/11/19 Punchestown S 22f HcpCh b/11 Fruits Of Glory 10-0 Ryans Cleaning H'cap S'chase
16/11/19 Punchestown S 20f MdnHdl 14/24 Diamond Grove (GB) 11-7 Kildare Now M'dn H'dle
16/11/19 Punchestown S 20f MdnHdl 15/24 Breezy Bell (GER) 10-11 Kildare Now M'dn H'dle
16/11/19 Punchestown S 24f HcpHdl 12/24 Need For Gold 9-13 Punchestown For Christmas H'cap H'dle
12/11/19 Fairyhouse H 20f MdnHdl p/19 Dont Go Yet 11-1 Fairyhouse Easter Saturday M'dn H'dle
10/11/19 Navan SH 20f MdnHdl 12/18 Two For The Road 11-9 P.S. Supplies Doors & Floors M'dn H'dle
03/11/19 Cork S 28f HcpCh p/16 Forever Gold 11-2 Paddy Power Cork Grand Nat.H'cap S'chase (Grade B)
02/11/19 Down Royal S 16f MdnHdl 11/17 Dont Go Yet 11-12 Tayto Group M'dn H'dle
02/11/19 Down Royal S 24f HcpCh p/8 Nobody Home 10-11 Rainbow Communications H'cap S'chase
15/10/19 Punchestown GY 22f HcpCh 1/16 Fruits Of Glory 10-5 Ladbrokes Home Of Odds Boost Hcap Schase €9,600
12/10/19 Fairyhouse Y 20f HcpHdl 1/19 Select Opportunity 10-8 Bobbyjo Bistro H'cap H'dle €6,300
03/10/19 Clonmel Y 24f HcpHdl 10/12 Forever Smiling 9-12 Clonmel H'cap H'dle
28/09/19 Navan G 22f HcpHdl 13/28 Makeyourcall 10-6 Dun A Ri Blinds H'cap H'dle
25/09/19 Sligo GY 17f HcpCh 2/7 Fruits Of Glory 10-13 Leo McMorrow Memorial Novice Hcap Schase €2,400
25/09/19 Sligo GY 20f HcpCh 1/9 Select Opportunity 10-12 After-Party At Lola Montez Hcap S'chase €6,600
20/09/19 Ballinrobe G 22f HcpHdl 14/17 Makeyourcall 11-4 Tuam Herald H'cap H'dle

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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