Liam Curran

Date Course & Going Dist Type Place Horse Weight Race Total € Won *
31/10/19 Clonmel S 16f HcpHdl 15/19 Icostnothing 11-5 Colm Hanly Mitsubishi Motors H'cap H'dle
05/08/19 Cork Y 19f HcpHdl 19/26 Icostnothing 11-7 Follow Us On Instagram (M) H'cap H'dle
13/07/19 Limerick G 16f MdnHdl 3/16 Icostnothing 11-4 Free Racecourse WiFi (Mares) M'dn H'dle €1,300
04/07/19 Tipperary G 20f MdnHdl 5/21 Icostnothing 10-8 Dundrum House Hotel M'dn H'dle €345
01/06/19 Tramore G 16f NHF 10/12 Icostnothing 11-6 KilbarryStud Irish EBF (M) INH Flat Race
18/11/18 Cork Y 21f BegCh p/18 Definite Income 11-5 I.N.H. Stallion Owners EBF Beg. S'chase
15/11/18 Clonmel G 19f MdnHdl 6/7 Icostnothing 10-11 I.N.H. Stallion Owners EBF M'dn H'dle
08/11/18 Thurles GF 18f BegCh 7/10 Definite Income 11-5 Thurles Beginners S'chase
21/10/18 Cork G 24f HcpHdl 11/13 Definite Income 11-8 H'cap H'dle
20/05/18 Limerick G 19f MdnHdl 8/14 Icostnothing 11-7 Jake Carter Plays June 22nd (M) Mdn Hdle
20/07/17 Killarney G 20f HcpHdl 7/14 Definite Income 11-3 Killarney Grand Live Music H'cap H'dle
23/06/17 Down Royal G 20f BegCh f/14 Definite Income 11-7 Daily Mirror (Mares) Beginners S'chase
09/06/17 Clonmel GY 16f BegCh f/11 Definite Income 11-5 John Kennedy Motors (Toyota) Beg.S'chase
15/12/16 Tramore H 21f BegCh 9/15 Definite Income 11-5 Tramore Recognition Award Beg. S'chase
22/11/16 Wexford SH 16f BegCh 7/14 Definite Income 11-7 Kerlogue (Mares) Beginners S'chase
06/11/16 Cork G 24f NovHdl p/7 Definite Income 10-7 Paddy Power Acca Insurance EBF Nov. Hdle (Listed)
22/10/16 Punchestown GY 20f HcpHdl 1/22 Definite Income 10-12 XSP Available At BETDAQ.COM H'cap H'dle €7,500
16/10/16 Cork Y 19f HcpHdl f/17 Definite Income 11-5 Christmas Party Package H'cap H'dle
29/09/16 Clonmel G 24f HcpHdl 11/14 Definite Income 11-6 Nire Valley H'cap H'dle
28/08/16 Cork G 24f HcpHdl 1/21 Definite Income 11-3 Buy Online @ Hcap Hdle €6,250
01/08/16 Cork Y 19f HcpHdl 5/23 Definite Income 11-11 (M) H'cap H'dle €238
22/07/16 Wexford G 24f HcpHdl 1/14 Definite Income 11-1 Monart Destination Spa Evening Hcap Hdle (Div 2) €5,625
11/07/16 Killarney G 20f HcpHdl p/17 Definite Income 10-10 Dermot O'Callaghan Memorial H'cap H'dle
06/06/16 Listowel G 20f HcpHdl 14/17 Definite Income 11-5 Harvest Fest. 11th-17th Sept H'cap H'dle
20/12/15 Thurles SH 22f MdnHdl 7/10 Definite Income 10-11 INH Stallion Owners EBF M'dn H'dle
06/12/15 Punchestown H 20f MdnHdl 10/16 Definite Income 11-5 Buy Your Annual Membership M'dn H'dle
19/11/15 Thurles S 22f MdnHdl 7/16 Definite Income 10-13 Thurles (Mares) M'dn H'dle

Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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