Enda Bolger

County Of Origin : Kilkenny

Date of licence: 1986

First winner : Fearless Leader, Roscommon, September 8th, 1986

Significant horses: Risk Of Thunder, Gilgamboa, On The Fringe, Elegant Lord, Garde Champetre, Spot Thedifference

Associated jockeys: Mark Walsh, Nina Carberry


Did you know: Enda Bolger is undoubtedly the master when it comes to cross-country and banks races, having amassed a record that is never likely to be surpassed in them. In a fine riding career, Enda rode many winners for the legendary P.P. Hogan, including no less than five renewals of the Champion Hunters Chase at the Punchestown Festival. Until J T McNamara surpassed it in 2006, Bolger had previously held the record for the number of wins in point-to-points with 413, having been crowned champion point-to-point rider on seven occasions. Enda has trained since the late-1980’s and has put together an incredible record in banks and cross country races, with multiple wins in the La Touche Cup at the Punchestown festival and the Cross Country Chase at the Cheltenham Festival. Ted Walsh rode Enda's first winner, Fearless Leader, in a bumper at Roscommon in September, 1986.

Paddy Power S'chase (Grade B) (Auvergnat (FR) - D.J. McInerney - 2018)

Ryanair Gold Cup Novice Steeplechase (Grade 1) (Gilgamboa - A.P. McCoy - 2015)

Boylesports.com H'dle (Grade B) (Gilgamboa - M.P. Walsh - 2014)

Ladbrokes Ireland Listowel H'cap H'dle (Grade B) (Ballyoisin - D.J. O'Keeffe - 2018)

BoyleSports H'cap S'chase (Grade B) (Ballyoisin - D.J. O'Keeffe - 2019)

coopsuperstores.ie H'cap S'chase (Grade B) (Ballyoisin - D.J. McInerney - 2017)

Dick And Mary Butler Memorial H'cap S'ch (Grade B) (Ballyoisin - J.S. McGarvey - 2017)

Dawn Milk H'cap S'chase (Lucky Town - D.J. Casey - 1998)

TheTote.com Fortria S'chase (Grade 2) (Ballyoisin - B.J. Geraghty - 2018)

Avon Ri Corporate & Leisure Resort S'ch (Spot Thedifference - J.T. McNamara - 2007)

Blue Square S'chase (La Touche Cup) (Good Step - N. Carberry - 2006)

Shannon Airport Novice S'chase (Grade 2) (Gilgamboa - M.P. Walsh - 2014)

Beaufort Golf Club An Riocht S'chase (Grade 3) (Ballyoisin - B.J. Geraghty - 2018)

Finbarr Slattery National H'cap S'chase (Auvergnat (FR) - M.P. Walsh - 2017)

McSweeney Killarney National H'cap S'ch (Cantlow - M.P. Walsh - 2016)

Avon Ri Corporate & Leisure Resort S'ch (Garde Champetre (FR) - N. Carberry - 2009)

BDO Simpson Xavier H'cap S'chase (Back In Thyne - M.P. Madden - 2002)

Avon Ri Corporate & Leisure Resort S'ch (L'Ami (FR) - J.T. McNamara - 2010)

Friends First S'chase (La Touche Cup) (Auvergnat (FR) - D.J. McInerney - 2018)

FBD Cross Country Schase (La Touche Cup) (Quantitativeeasing - M.P. Walsh - 2016)

SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
National Hunt 2019/2020385234€57,850€31,695€89,545
National Hunt 2018/20197513645€299,875€35,463€335,338
National Hunt 2017/2018106131286€172,750€68,963€241,713
National Hunt 2016/20171231313127€119,313€92,838€212,150
National Hunt 2015/2016861181214€112,900€76,515€189,415
National Hunt 2014/20155710979€153,760€59,970€213,730
National Hunt 2013/201482147124€157,770€70,107€227,877
National Hunt 2012/20135711427€89,650€13,860€103,510
National Hunt 2011/2012470434€0€17,225€17,225
National Hunt 2010/20115511938€84,000€29,595€113,595
National Hunt 2009/2010539553€91,950€30,475€122,425
National Hunt 2008/2009487656€74,200€37,100€111,300
National Hunt 2007/2008343323€26,950€29,610€56,560
National Hunt 2006/2007564633€53,700€31,320€85,020
National Hunt 2005/2006405333€63,500€18,160€81,660
National Hunt 2004/20055841021€49,300€29,425€78,725
National Hunt 2003/2004543625€34,000€25,220€59,220
National Hunt 2002/2003706655€63,690€26,615€90,305
National Hunt 2001/20027512797€129,940€38,826€168,766
National Hunt 2000/2001486463€45,330€19,757€65,087

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Limerick 13/10/19 Movewiththetimes M.P. Walsh HcpCh 3m 5 10-9 135 Ladbrokes Munster National H'cap S'chase (Grade A) Grade A €3,000
Tipperary 06/10/19 Ballyoisin B.J. Geraghty Hdl 2m 6 11-0 142 Horse & Jockey Hotel H'dle (Grade 3) Grade 3 €1,150
Clonmel 03/10/19 Everlastingpromise (GB) D.J. McInerney HcpCh 2m 2f 60yds 1 11-10 98 Tickincor H'cap S'chase €6,600
Galway 16/09/19 Whatwasthatabout M.P. Walsh MdnHdl 2m 130yds 3 11-12 Kenny Developments M'dn H'dle €1,350
Listowel 12/09/19 Yanworth (GB) D.J. McInerney HcpHdl 2m p.u. 11-10 150 Ladbrokes Ireland Listowel H'cap H'dle (Grade B) Grade B
Listowel 12/09/19 Ballyoisin D.J. O'Keeffe HcpHdl 2m 5 10-13 142 Ladbrokes Ireland Listowel H'cap H'dle (Grade B) Grade B €3,000
Listowel 11/09/19 Movewiththetimes D.J. O'Keeffe HcpCh 3m 9 9-13 135 Guinness Kerry National H'cap S'chase (Grade A) Grade A
Listowel 11/09/19 Shannon Tide D.J. McInerney MdnHdl 2m 9 11-12 M.S.D. Animal Health M'dn H'dle
Wexford 07/09/19 Thatbeatsbanagher D.J. O'Keeffe HcpCh 2m 4 11-6 108 Brendan Cullimore Opportunity Hcp Schase €625
Wexford 07/09/19 Blue Templar R.W. Barron HcpCh 3m 1f 50yds 5 10-8 91 Dan Byrne Memorial H'cap S'chase €345
Killarney 23/08/19 Ballyoisin D.J. O'Keeffe HcpCh 2m 4f 180yds 1 11-8 162 BoyleSports H'cap S'chase (Grade B) Grade B €30,000
Killarney 23/08/19 Shannon Tide D.J. McInerney MdnHdl 2m 1f 10 11-4 Get Racing TV For 12.50 Today M'dn Hdle
Killarney 22/08/19 Everlastingpromise (GB) L.P. Dempsey HcpCh 2m 4f 180yds 7 11-2 99 Kelly Foley O'Connor Pyne Hcap Schase
Killarney 22/08/19 Thatbeatsbanagher D.J. McInerney HcpCh 2m 4f 180yds 1 11-4 101 Kelly Foley O'Connor Pyne Hcap Schase €7,500
Killarney 22/08/19 Movewiththetimes M.P. Walsh BegCh 2m 6f 180yds 1 11-12 135 Killarney Oaks Hotel Beginners S'chase €7,500
Killarney 22/08/19 Blue Templar D.J. O'Keeffe HcpCh 2m 4f 180yds 4 10-3 91 Kelly Foley O'Connor Pyne Hcap Schase €625
Kilbeggan 10/08/19 Everlastingpromise (GB) D.J. McInerney BegCh 2m 3f 200yds 7 11-12 Kieran Kelly Memorial Beginners S'chase
Kilbeggan 10/08/19 Thatbeatsbanagher D.J. McInerney HcpHdl 2m 3f 180yds 7 11-10 93 Pig 'N' Whistle Pubs H'cap H'dle
Galway 31/07/19 Movewiththetimes D.J. O'Keeffe HcpCh 2m 6f 111yds fell 9-10 135 thetote.com Galway Plate (H'cap S'chase) (Grade A) Grade A
Galway 31/07/19 Auvergnat (FR) D.J. McInerney HcpCh 2m 6f 111yds 11 10-6 143 thetote.com Galway Plate (H'cap S'chase) (Grade A) Grade A

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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