SeasonRuns1st2nd3rd4thWin MoneyPlace MoneyTotal *
National Hunt 2010/201140000€0€0€0
National Hunt 2009/201050110€0€3,485€3,485
National Hunt 2008/2009150010€0€680€680
National Hunt 2007/2008230012€0€1,980€1,980
National Hunt 2006/2007271033€5,600€8,405€14,005
National Hunt 2005/2006320404€0€7,290€7,290
National Hunt 2004/2005220303€0€7,890€7,890
National Hunt 2003/2004130220€0€18,760€18,760
National Hunt 2002/2003150130€0€4,460€4,460
National Hunt 2001/2002172203€17,332€10,472€27,804
National Hunt 2000/2001170320€0€10,501€10,501

Date From
Date To
Race Type
Venue Date Horse Jockey Race Type Distance Place Weight Rating Race Pattern/ Listed Prize Money
Downpatrick 08/08/10 Lady Edina J.C. Barry NHF 2m 1f 172yds 9 11-2 Magnificent Seven INH Flat Race
Naas 02/08/10 Lady Edina B.G. Crawford NHF 2m 3f 10 11-3 Go Racing In Kildare INH Flat Race
Downpatrick 07/05/10 The Bodhran Beat J. Creswell MdnHdl 2m 1f 172yds 10 10-11 Sean Graham Bookmakers M'dn H'dle
Downpatrick 07/05/10 Ballycolin (GB) J. Creswell Ch 2m 7f p.u. 11-7 Frank Fitzsimons M'dn Hunters S'chase
Fairyhouse 07/04/10 Inverlochy Lad D.N. Russell HcpCh 3m 1f p.u. 11-7 110 Royal County H'cap S'chase
Fairyhouse 24/02/10 Inverlochy Lad D.J. Casey BegCh 2m 5f 5 11-12 20% Online Discount Beginners S'chase
Navan 27/01/10 Inverlochy Lad D.J. Casey BegCh 2m 6f 3 11-12 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Beg S'chase €1,360
Down-Royal 27/12/09 Inverlochy Lad J. Creswell NovCh 2m 4f 2 11-5 Irish Stallion Farms EBF Beginners S'ch €2,125
Down-Royal 04/05/09 Ballycolin (GB) T.P. Treacy MdnHdl 2m 12 11-4 100 Mirror M'dn H'dle
Downpatrick 25/02/09 Ballycolin (GB) M.J. Bolger MdnHdl 2m 2f 110yds 6 11-2 Martinstown Opportunity M'dn H'dle
Navan 24/01/09 Ballycolin (GB) T.P. Treacy Hdl 2m 5 11-5 Navan Golf Club Open For Membership H'dl
Down-Royal 26/12/08 Ballycolin (GB) M.J. O'Hare MdnHdl 2m 4f 8 10-12 I.N.H. Stallion Owners EBF M'dn H'dle
Down-Royal 26/12/08 Zaffman M.J. O'Hare Ch 2m 7f p.u. 11-0 ITBA Northern Region Hunters S'chase
Downpatrick 19/12/08 French Fashion M.J. O'Hare Ch 2m 5f 110yds 5 11-2 Saintfield Windows M'dn Hunters S'chase (Div 2)
Downpatrick 19/12/08 Belfast Central J. Creswell NHF 2m 1f 172yds p.u. 11-2 Downpatrick INH Flat Race
Down-Royal 01/11/08 Ballycolin (GB) M.J. O'Hare NHF 2m 7 11-7 Lough Developments Ltd(Pro-Am)Flat Race
Downpatrick 14/07/08 Keeverfield D.N. Russell HcpHdl 2m 6f 7 11-3 81 Magners Cider H'cap H'dle
Down-Royal 22/06/08 Keeverfield R. Geraghty HcpHdl 2m 6f 7 9-6 81 Club Slim Tonic H'cap H'dle
Down-Royal 30/05/08 Keeverfield M.P. Watts HcpHdl 2m 4f 7 10-3 82 Fone Logistics Opportunity H'cap H'dle
Down-Royal 30/05/08 Gone For Now M.P. Watts MdnHdl 2m p.u. 11-8 O2 Opportunity M'dn H'dle

*Statistics are up to close of business the previous day. Prize-money is allocated within 1 week of the race date (allow 1 week for Prize-money).

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